LEDF Manifiesto

https://zorzalcontenidos.com/wp-content/uploads/manifiesto_final_v2_1-low.mp4 Manifiesto LEDF Editing and post-production  La Escalera de Fumio is a Spanish communications agency based in Madrid and Las Palmas de Gran Canarias. They commissioned us to edit their video manifesto for the launch of their new website.   Director: Juancho Delgado Producer: Rodrigo Ramos Editor: Mercedes Segade


https://zorzalcontenidos.com/wp-content/uploads/Campers.mp4 Campers Editing and post-production Campers is a French company that sells products and accessories for camping and outdoor activities. This promotional video for digital media was made for the launch of the summer season.   Client: CampersProducer: Mathew ScottCinematographer: John SweeneyEditor: Mercedes Segade

Wombbat Spain

https://zorzalcontenidos.com/wp-content/uploads/Wombbat-Horizontal-1920×1080-1.mp4 Wombatt is a Spanish company that commercialises and distributes clean and renewable energies. https://zorzalcontenidos.com/wp-content/uploads/WOMBBAT-RRSS-04-1080×1080-1.mp4https://zorzalcontenidos.com/wp-content/uploads/WOMBBAT-RRSS-02-1080×1080-1.mp4 For this campaign we have created and developed a series of short videos for social networks to tell the benefits of the brand and its possibilities. https://zorzalcontenidos.com/wp-content/uploads/WOMBBAT-RRSS-01-1080×1920-1.mp4https://zorzalcontenidos.com/wp-content/uploads/WOMBBAT-RRSS-05-1080×1080-1.mp4https://zorzalcontenidos.com/wp-content/uploads/WOMBBAT-RRSS-03-1080×1080-1.mp4 Client: WombbatProducer: Marta LorenzoCinematographer: Julen RojasEditor: Mercedes Segade

FarmUp Portugal

https://zorzalcontenidos.com/wp-content/uploads/FarmUp-30-seconds-Portuguese.mp4 FarmUp Editing and post-production FarmUp is a Portuguese app that brings organisation and process automation to small and medium-sized farms. This video for digital media and social networks was created to explain and highlight the utilities and benefits of the application.    Client: FarmUpProducer: Jennifer FryCinematographer: Artgrid Stock ImagesEditor: Mercedes Segade

The Birthday Project

The Birthday Project DOCUMENTARY TRANSMEDIA – ON DEVELOPING The Birthday Project is a collaborative and transmedia documentary that explores the origin and celebration of birthdays, one of the oldest and most popular traditions in the world celebrated by millions of people of different cultures, countries, and beliefs. GENDER: Documentary, Transmedia, Collaborative.   FORMAT: Feature film, […]

UNDP Panama

A call to action UNDP Panama This communication campaign was developed for the Human Rights Department of the United Nations Development Programme in Panama, to raise awareness through social media about the consequences of the pandemic and the challenges in Latin America for the year 2021. https://zorzalcontenidos.com/wp-content/uploads/01-SUSTAINABLE-DEVELOPMENT-2.mp4https://zorzalcontenidos.com/wp-content/uploads/02-TIMES-OF-CRISIS.mp4https://zorzalcontenidos.com/wp-content/uploads/05-FUTURE-GENERATIONS.mp4https://zorzalcontenidos.com/wp-content/uploads/06-CLIMATE-JUSTICE.mp4https://zorzalcontenidos.com/wp-content/uploads/04-CIVIC-SPACE.mp4

Ruavieja Il Tavolo Verde Madrid

Ruavieja Film and post-production This series of video recipes for digital media were created for Ruavieja, a Spanish liqueur brand that opted for easy-to-make recipes with a special touch thanks to the use of its liqueurs in each one of them. Campaign: #tenemosquevernosmás   Agency: Butragueño & Bottländer / Producer: Zorzal Contenidos / Filmmaker: Mercedes Segade / Chef: Blanca Herrerno […]


Masaaki Hasegawa Film “Maru Sankaku Shikaku” for the artist Masaaki Hasegawa at the Impact Hub Madrid facilities. https://vimeo.com/377382329 Team: Production: Marcelo Hornillos.  Filmmaker: Mercedes Segade.

Ensayo de un presente Indolente

Ensayo de un Presente Indolente by  Melisa Zulberti Exhibits:  Galería La Juan Gallery – Madrid, 2018Museo Zapadores, Ciudad del Arte, Nuevo Proyecto de la Neomudèjar.Medialab – Prado, MadridMutuo, Galería de Arte – Barcelona   Performer y Styling Ulrico Eguizábal CatenaOriginal Music Leo FerroCurator Ceres GonzalezHeadpiece Sol Pardo para Pardo HatsPhoto: Juan Antonio Papagni MecaPhoto Assist Michelagila photoGraphic design Car MartinezAudiovisuals Mercedes Segade – Zorzal […]

AOE Spain

AOE Spain Filming, Editing and post-production This series of video recipes for digital media were created for Olive Oils from Spain who carried out their launch campaign in the Chinese market. A total of 25 recipes were made, fusing traditional Chinese recipes with Spanish Olive Oil. Client: AOE Spain Producer: Timing Gráfica, Rodrigo Ramos and Mamen Corachán. […]


CRETAL is an Argentinian cooperative energy supplier, specialised in the creation of concrete poles for public lighting. These photographs were taken for their website and digital media.


Viddasana Photographic production in studio for catalog, website and social media. Image #2 Image #1

Ceres Tolvas

Zorzal Contenidos Productora Audiovisual Madrid

Grupo Ceres Tolvas Editorial photography for graphic, digital and social media.

Ruavieja Summer Season

Ruavieja Second series of video recipes for digital media and social networks made for the campaign #tenemosquevernosmas de Licores Ruavieja Ruavieja Agency: Butragueño & Bottländer Producer: Zorzal Contenidos Filmmaker: Mercedes Segade Chef: My Basquet Food Stylist: Helen Chelton Production Assistant: Francisco Sastre Account executive: Sara Campos


Zorzal Contenidos Productora Audiovisual Madrid

Oficios Artesanos Branded content for digital media and social networks. Documentary record of the process of creation and elaboration of Argentine handicrafts. Following the initial aesthetics of the 100% Argentine brand, a total of 10 documentary short films were created, each accompanied by a photographic series for each handcrafted product. Equipo:  Producción: Fernando Stoessel. Cámara […]

Ruavieja Chocolate

Ruavieja Video and photographs taken for the launch in social networks of the new Ruavieja Chocolate Cream.   Agencia: Butragueño & Bottländer / Casa productora: Zorzal Contenidos / Realización: Mercedes Segade / Cocina: My Basquet / Food Stylist: El Gourmetillo / Asistente de producción: Francisco Sastre / Ejecutiva de cuentas: Sara Campos


Disparacuentos TV Serie Television serie produced by UNICEN’s Audiovisual Media Production Company for the programming grid of the National University Audiovisual Network (RENAU). GENRE: Documentary, Transmedia. FORMAT: 16 chapters of 6 minutes SYNOPSIS: Children between 6 and 10 years old improvise a story in front of the camera, which will then be illustrated and animated. AWARDS: Nominated […]


Zorzal Contenidos Productora Audiovisual Madrid

Previous Next Theaters Selection of photographic and audiovisual coverage for companies, actors, musicians and theaters.

Aby Educational Group

Aby Educational Group Redesign of the logo and institutional image for the four educational establishments of Grupo Aby. A simple and clear aesthetic was developed, flexible to the multiple communication channels used daily internally and externally by the different members of the institution. Previous Next Design y production: Francisco Sastre Design y photography: Mercedes Segade


Alembiq Craft Cocktails offers pre-mixed artisan cocktails, made by hand, always in small batches and using only natural ingredients allowing you to enjoy a cocktail whenever and wherever you want. For this project a photographic series for RRSS was created where its three main products could be appreciated in a relaxed atmosphere and with friends. […]


Viddasana Photographic series made for Viddasana, Valentina Sotomayor’s gastronomy and nutrition blog.

Jesús Blasco

Jesús Blanco Film, Editing and post-production Recorded in the city of Zigüenza, Spain, this short documentary records the process of making Jesús Blasco wine casks. Audiovisual production: Mercedes SegadeProduction assistant: Francisco SastreProduction: Fernando StoesselClient: 100% Argentino

Tanto gusto

Tanto Gusto Film, Editing and post-production Promotional video for social networks. Camera: Nicolás Plachesi Grade Wenceslao Hollman Production and edition: Mercedes Segade