TV Serie

Television serie produced by UNICEN’s Audiovisual Media Production Company for the programming grid of the National University Audiovisual Network (RENAU).

GENRE: Documentary, Transmedia.

FORMAT: 16 chapters of 6 minutes


Children between 6 and 10 years old improvise a story in front of the camera, which will then be illustrated and animated.


Nominated in 2018 for the fymTI – International Television Festival and Market Awards.



Idea and Direction: Mercedes Segade

Production: Mariana Mendiri

Camera: Santiago Mercurio

Director of Photography: Fabián Flores

Technical Assistant: Esteban Velazco

Sound: Juan Polito

Editing: Mercedes Segade

Illustrations: Nicolás Vilela

Animation: Andrés Hidalgo

Augmented reality book

Complementary to the series, a children’s book was published with all the stories told, which can also be viewed with augmented reality, through a free application designed especially for the book that can be downloaded. here